GO2Altitude® is manufactured by a quality assured company that is involved in research and development of hypoxicators for over 15 years. The GO2Altitude® flight personnel Hypoxia Awareness Training system has been validated and ethically-approved.

Certified Electrical Safety and EMC Medical equipment IEC 60601-1.

Safety is a paramount in the GO2Altitude® hypoxicators systems: Automatic safety cut-off mechanism is in place, if any critical physiological parameter reaches threshold.

A team of doctors, engineers and scientists have allowed GO2Altitude® to develop the most advanced hypoxicators in the world. GO2Altitude® is a true leader and innovator in the research and development of hypoxia training.

Intrinsically safe design of the system reduces the risk associated with the use of hypoxicator down to the practicality achievable level. Complies with the requirements of international standard IEC60601