Hypoxia Recognition and Recovery Training (HRRT)

Hypoxia Recognition Recovery Training (HRRT) is the latest advancement in high fidelity training.

The purpose of this new training paradigm is to test the ability of the pilot to recognise hypoxia symptoms in the most realistic environment and take corrective action in accordance with their operational procedures.

The GO2Altitude® Hypoxicator hardware and software is integrated into any Procedural Trainer. The hypoxia segment is delivered to the trainee during mission-embedded training, with the focus on recognising individual hypoxia symptoms and taking corrective action. Using Video and Audio monitoring, the supervisor can monitor the trainee’s SpO2, HR and Vf, change the flight profile and discuss symptoms as they occur. Session data is also saved for later analysis and debriefing.

Training ‘as a crew’ or ‘in formation’

Using the GO2Altitude® HRRT system, training is now mission-embedded and fully customisable scenarios for simultaneous training as a crew.

HRRT Capabilities

  • On-Demand operation
  • Altitude change is undetectable by the trainees: no changes in breathing resistance, no altering mechanical or pneumatic signs
  • Breathing sensations of an Oxygen Regulator
  • Direct visual monitoring of all active trainees
  • Audio communication available in Conference mode
  • Pre-programmed and customisable training profiles to suit any flight mission.
  • Change of simulated altitude is under direct control of the Operator and can be achieved instantly
  • Safety: Intrinsically safe by design. Physiological monitoring of SpO2, HR and Vf.

Recovery: instant return to sea level by pressing a button, or automatically when the pre-programmed critical thresholds are met.