Hypoxia Awareness Training

Modern fully integrated and validated system: an ideal hypoxia awareness training solution for military aircrew.

Only our hypoxicators are truly compatible with a standard military oxygen mask. On-demand inhalation, like in an aircraft, provides effortless breathing and high fidelity mask-on training.

The system is modular and is offered in any number of “seats” 1 – 20 to suit your specific requirements. Customisation and localisation options, support and maintenance contracts are available. To request a tailored quotation contact us

GO2Altitude® is the first choice for compliance with standards and safety in hypoxia training. Act Now contact us

Multi-person classroom training to demonstrate individual hypoxia symptoms.

Simultaneous training and supervision of 2-8 trainees. No need for gas cylinders.

Compact, on-site, combined hypoxic and hyperoxic air generator (no gas cylinders!)

Automated Video Reporting – Individual multi-page report and video CD are automatically printed and burnt for each trainee. Additionally all data (SpO2, HR, HRV and Vf) stored in database.

The GO2Altitude® hypoxicator station. Computer-Controlled simulated altitude and physiological data acquisition. Self-diagnostics and auto calibration for ease of use.

Touch-screen user-friendly interface with pre-installed GO2Altitude® software and additional software tools.


Intuitive software designed to enhance hypoxia awareness by highlighting cognitive impairment caused by hypoxia and demonstrating individual’s hypoxia symptoms.

Altitude Physiology Module

Theoretical education on the insidious nature of slowly developing hypoxia.

Operator can customise Training Profiles

Create your own or modify training scenario e.g. Navy Pilot, Airforce, Navigator. Automatic safety cut-off if the critical threshold of SpO2 or Heart Rate is reached. Oxygen is automatically supplied for recovery.

Cognitive Performance Testing

Practical hypoxia familiarization is conducted while trainee performs battery of cognitive tests. This allows clear demonstration of insidious nature of gradually developing hypoxia.

Calibration and Diagnostics Software

System calibration and diagnostics software tools included to ensure accurate and reliable system operation.