How does your product compare to other aviation training systems?
GO2Altitude® hypoxia training systems are purpose designed and quality made. GO2Altitude® eliminate known risks and drawbacks associated with the use of industrial gas mixers for physiological training, making them a unique product compared to other devices on the market.
What is involved and how long does it take to calibrate the system before use?
Unlike other devices, GO2Altitude® offers fully automatic self-calibration that occurs every time the device is turned on. It makes the system hassle-free and user-friendly.
What support and upgrades are provided?
GO2Altitude® offers complete onsite support, maintenance and software updates / upgrades plans, providing peace of mind to their customers world-wide.
What flight simulators is GO2Altitude® compatible with?
Via the New GO2Altitude® Communication Interface (GCI), in principle, any flight simulator can “talk” to our hardware & software and issue simple commands that GO2Altitude® will immediately complete. This allows true system integration with practically any type flight simulator. Ask your simulator manufacturer to request their free copy of GCI specification and allow yourself to design realistic flight missions with embedded disguised for the trainees hypoxia segment!
How often do we need to replace gas cylinders. What is their cost?
NO GAS cylinders are required to operate GO2Altitude® . Our system employs an onsite automatic generator of medical grade hypoxic/oxygen air using semipermeable membrane air-separation technology.
Do you have any automatic safety features?
We use pulse oximeters to constantly monitor the individual’s physiological parameters. Hypoxia is automatically aborted if any critical physiological parameters (SpO2 or Heart Rate) are reached. Oxygenated air is supplied via the same mask for quick and full recovery.