US patent 9,576,496 “Flight Training System”

US patent 9,576,496 “Flight Training System”

Hypoxia Awareness Training

Hypoxia Recognition and Recovery

NEW! On-Demand hypoxicator GO2Altitude®

Dynamic and instant change of THREE PARAMETERS: O2%, Flow, Exhalation Pressure, as controlled by GO2Altitude® software.

Remotely controlled from Operator Console in both Operator controlled and Flight Simulator controled modes.


Positive Pressure Breathing (PPB), back pressure is programmed into simulated flight path anf changes automatically.


Cost to produce required gases electricity only

All required gases are produced onsite using molecular sieve technology.

Small lightweight, portable, fits into any flight simulator.

Fully software controlled, unlimited Airflow up to 200 LPM.

Flat forehead Sp02 sensor, easily fits under helmet.

Compatible with practically all military oxygen masks and helmets.

For FLIGHT SIMULATORS training: F-16 Fighting Falcon, Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, F/A-18 Hornet, Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor, F-15 Eagle, Eurofighter Typhon, Dassault Rafasle , Su-27, SAAB JAS 39 Gripen, Grunman F-14 Tomcat, Joint Strike Fighter ( JSF )F-35.

Key Features

AIR FLOW: up to 200 LPM
Controlled and programmable back pressure 2 45 …. mmHg
Tidal Volume: 0.5 ….. 5 L

Weight (hypoxicator) < 10 LB (4.5kg)

Miniature size allows to fit into any flight simulator

GO2Altitude® For Military Aviation

Provide a range of modern supply computerised product:

Classroom task-nonspecificcomputerised neurocognitive testing. This is a multi-person, fully integrated, purpose-designed system for classroom hypoxia awareness training. Automatic safety cut-off, video and printed report. All required gases are generated onsite, using proprietary air-separation technology (molecular sieve). No bulky gas cylinders!

GO2Altitude® integrates into a flight simulator for the purpose of hypoxia recognition. Training can be done as a Crew or in Formation.During a prolonged session (tens of minutes to hours) inside of the simulator(s) pilots are using their regular helmet and oxygen mask, connected to GO2Altitude® hypoxicator. Hypoxia segment is secretly delivered to the pilot(s) who are expected to recognise their symptoms that they learned using the classroom system and take corrective action. Physiological parameters are recorded and video and printed report are automatically produced.

Battery of neurocognitive tests for in-chamber hypoxia education. Battery of cognitive tests is repeatedly delivered via touch-screen tablet Microsoft Surface (Windows 10), whilst the test results, vital signs and video of the persons performing the training are transmitted wirelessly to the Operator Console located outside of the chamber. Student wears a wrist based pulse oximeter that transmits important physiological information to the GO2Altitude® software for safety monitoring.

Integration with various flight simulator types via simple GO2Altitude® Communication interface (GCI). Integration is now achievable thanks to the patented GO2Altitude® exchange protocol.

GO2Altitude® For Civil Aviation:


GO2Altitude® developed classroom task-nonspecificcomputerised neurocognitive testing for hypoxia education and demonstration. It is a multi-person fully integrated, purpose-designed system for hypoxia awareness training. Automatic safety cut-off, printed and video reports. Gases required for classroom training are generated onsite. We use contemporary air-separation technology to produce oxygen enriched and oxygen depleted air. No bulky gas bottles!

We also offer GO2Altitude® flight simulator integrated hypoxia recognition. During an ongoing training session (it can last for tens of minutes or even hours) inside of the simulator trainees are using a special type oxygen mask, connected to the GO2Altitude® hypoxicator. Hypoxia is delivered secretly to the pilot(s), they are anticipated to recognise their hypoxia symptoms (learned before in the classroom system). Once symptoms are recognised, correcting actions are expected. Physiological parameters, video and printed report are automatically generated.

Integration with various flight simulator types via the simple GO2Altitude® Communication interface (GCI).

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